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Bottling each adventure
In Cooraclare, Co. Clare

Library of flavours

Some J.J. Corry whiskey journeys are simple, others meander wildly. All are worth savouring

We constantly and carefully build out our unique library of whiskey flavours by aging superior spirits in a variety of premium casks.


Louise McGuane


Resurrecting the lost art of whiskey bonding

Through this never-ending process we create complex spirits to be blended together or savoured alone as single cask releases. Our founder Louise McGuane takes each spirit on a carefully considered journey.

Some J.J. Corry whiskey journeys are simple, others meander wildly. All are worth savouring. This is an exciting time to be an independent whiskey bonder. Across the island of Ireland new whiskey makers are creating spirits to an impressively high standard. Innovation and tradition don’t always seem like natural allies—but Ireland’s whiskey renaissance is being powered by both. Heritage grains, old mashbills, terroir and a wide variety of stills are being explored and pushed by a new generation of ambitious producers who provide J.J. Corry with spirit of an ever broader range of flavours. 

J.J. Corry takes these new spirits and brings them on unique journeys within the walls of our Atlantic Rackhouse. We never stop searching for barrels from around the world of wine and spirits that can bring our whiskey to maturation in sublime ways. We source sherry casks from hilltop towns in Spain, charred bourbon barrels from Kentucky, tequila barrels from dusty corners of Mexico… We seek out craftspeople the world over—knowing that we never know where inspiration is going to come from next.

We bring these fine spirits and interesting casks together in our traditional bonded rackhouse on the family farm in Cooraclare, where our whiskeys age under our careful watch and the subtle, salty influence of the ocean air.


Each J.J. Corry release is a new adventure in the art of whiskey bonding.

We select new make Irish whiskeys from the most interesting distilleries and develop them in unique casks to build a library of sublime flavours from which to blend—all within the walls of our Atlantic rackhouse in Cooraclare, Co. Clare

Our rackhouse is an inspiring place to create whiskey. Here, you are surrounded by maturing spirits in casks from across Europe, the Carribbean, Mexico & the United States. Each spirit in each cask is on a subtly different journey. All year round we take the time to tend to and turn these barrels from around the World. 

The warm, deep aromas that hit the nose as barrels are routinely inspected and tasted tell us how each spirit is aging. Over time we develop a sense of which spirits might be introduced to each other to develop a more complex and sublime spirit, and which should be savoured as single cask releases.

Elemental Ageing

Slowly maturing in an Atlantic microclimate

Our farm, which sits right on the Wild Atlantic Way, has its own unique microclimate. The air is tinged with brine and the temperature can fluctuate wildly throughout the day—not so great for a biking holiday but fantastic for aging whiskey.

Our approach to ageing, just like our approach to farming, is to work hand in hand with nature. The Irish weather is renowned for its unpredictability and tendency to change. It’s common here on the west coast of Ireland to experience four seasons in one day. The unique influence that this atmosphere will impart on each of our spirits takes years to realise.